Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls – Episode 10

    Another “Successful” set of dates under Kimihitos  belt in episode 10 of Monster Musume. The first date on his plate is a double with Papi and Suu, and another example of how absent minded poor Papi is. For some reason she insisted on bringing them to a forest that seems to be a “dumping ground”. Suu mentions that it seems like this place is a chemical dumping area. After this is brought up the fun begins, out of no where a gigantic monster some stomping through the forest after the group. It seems to be fixated on Papi, it captures Kimihito  and Papi and kick Suu off in to the distance. A few moments later it is revealed that Papi knows the monster and it is her friend Kii. She is a Dryad and Papi rescued her from some abducts, because her people rely on soil and water Papi planted her in the woods and told her shed come back to play with her  *Turns out Papi forgot :-/ surprise surprise*. When it seems like Kii is going to harm Kimihito, Suu appears Godzilla style huge and she starts to brawl with Kii. While battling Suu says that they need to drain the chemicals from her. With that said you can guess how they remove the chemicals if you cant haha your going to have to watch.

    The second half of the episode focuses on a date with Centorea, who seem to be wearing more armor than a Mid-evil Knight. This prompts Kimihito to convince her to lose the armor because they are supposed to be on a date, and being all armored up is suspicious.  Manako is keeping watch over this date and this is where Lilith first pops in. She is pretending to be an innocent girl who is afraid of Manako. She notices that Centorea seems to be making a scene though out the date and decides to have a little fun. While on a eating lunch in the park Centorea reveals that she made a lunch for Kimihito. After trying it he tells her its good , this is where Rachnera pops in to interject. She tells her that the food is bland and has no task and that Kimihito is just being nice.

    Upon hearing this she explains that she can only eat vegetables and wasn’t able to taste the sandwiches, ashamed she leaves. While wondering depressed she runs in to Lilith, whom hypnotizes her to remove her inhibitions. Later Kimihito finds her and is excited but to his surprise Centorea has other plans. While she starts to put the moves on him they are attacked by a wild boar. This snaps Centorea out of the hypnosis and she saves Kimihito, while all this is going on Rachnera finds her self a new play toy in the form of Lilith.

    This episode was good, I enjoyed that they are being really silly with the art decision especially with the Suu and Kii showdown. I also really like how each of the girls are getting their fair share of the spot light. That being said I really wish they would have more Rachnera haha shes my favorite *I know I know everyone else loves Miia , shes cool to but Rachnera is so much fun haha*. They really foreshadowed the next episode in this one I was wondering when they were going to introduce the personal trainer, or I’m hoping they do. Its all good if they don’t but it was a funny chapter in the manga. Well let me know what you thought of the episode in the comments below!

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