Monster Musume Everyday Life with Monster Girls – Episode 11

    Another round of dates and whats this we found D in episode 11 of Monster Musume. So all his dates with the girls of the house turn out in great times, but it puts them no closer to finding out the identity of the mysterious D. The girls of the Mon squad decide to step in when another not from D seems to have arrived. This time its more like a tragic love poem that leads to his death unlike the first note that was an outright death threat.  In a last ditch effort to find D *and escape some work* The girls of the Mon squad each take him on dates throughout the day.

    The first date is with Tionishia. She decides to take him all over the mall *When i say take him I should elaborate and say she drags him literally through the mall haha* until they find a clothing store that she likes. This is where things get good as shes trying on cloths she asks him for assistance because she seems to have gotten her self stuck in a skirt. Finally when they get it off of her it was torn and Tionishia is upset because she really liked it. Kimihito tells her not to worry because he can alter it so it can fit her. He explains he does it for Miia all the time when she buys human cloths and hes gotten quite good at alterations. This makes her very happy and they’re date goes off without a hitch.

    Next up is Zombina, she insists on going to see a movie with him and takes him to *You guessed it* a zombie film. She seems to really have enjoyed the movie and as they are walking discussing things her hand falls off.she expects him to be disgusted but he picks it up and offers to sow it back on for her. Thinking hes only pretending to be ok with it she allows him to, and when hes done shes not convinced about his goodness and gives him another test. She takes the stitching off her chest and lets her breast fall out. Needless to say he sows it back on but not without a serious nose bleed, this makes her a little embarrassed. That’s two for two with no problems.

    Lastly its Manakos turn. She is the most shy of all the girls and walks insanely far behind him because she doesn’t want him to be disgusted with her only having one eye. Sh asks if they can go some place more private because she doesn’t want to cause a scene and be stared at by everyone. She believes he is grossed out like everyone else *when ever people look at her face on they avert their eyes from hers*so she asks him to look at her. To her surprise he looks her right in the eye and asks her whats wrong *Just want to point out he is a boss because he constantly breaks the girls expectations. *.  As this is happening she notices a creepy person in the back ground. As they try and get away a team combo happens where Zombina opens fire, Tionishia throws a vending machine to block off their exit, and Manako snipes them in the back with a tranq dart.

    When they look to see who it is it turns out to be Doppel. She confesses that the note was hers and Smiths idea because Kimihito wasn’t getting close enough with the girls to pick a wife. So they faked the note to push him closer to them. The only things is she only wrote one of the two notes, so who wrote the second?

    On his way home is is stopped *Has a sickle to his throat* by a girl, who inexplicably lost her hear *Literally*. He brings her home and introduces her to the other girls and explains what happened and that he believes her heads in the park. So the girls all offer to assist him in looking for the head *Except Rachnera who is going to watch Suu and the headless girl. Miia tries to cop out but does so she doesn’t have to look at the headless girl any more.* After searching they find they head and return it to the girl. It turns out she is a Dullahan an emissary of death and she has a message for one of the people in the house.

    This was a really fun episode I’m kind of sad that they are starting to rush it but its understandable because they are almost caught up with the manga now. Its 11 episodes deep and I think I know where there next two are going to go. I really wish they would slow down but I don’t think there is going to be a second season so they have to hit a couple arc quickly before the end and its understandable. I don’t want to ruin anything from the Manga so I wont but the next couple of mini arcs are hysterical. So all in all it was a solid episode and worth watching, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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