School-Live – Episode 11

    The crap hits the fan in episdoe 11 of School-Live! This episode is stressful to watch in a good way, there are three separate stories going on all at the same time Ri-san’s, Yukis, and Mikis. Each of the stories contribute to each others and  if Miki of Yuki fails in there mission they will all most likely die. The episode starts off with the barriers braking and the hoards of zombies starting to swarm the floors the girls are on. Yuki is starting to snap out of her fantastical world where everything is fine and she is realizing that the world isn’t as she had thought it was and she gets a first hand experience about what she was blocking out. A zombie attacks her but she is saved by Miki.

    Miki explains that she has something to do and tells Yuki to lock the door after her and not to leave the room. This is where Miki becomes amazing, she not only realizes the weight of the shovel but she seems to have thought ahead on how to survive. She came equipped with traps and distractions for the zombies so she could make it to the basement. Upon entering the basement there is a really touching scene where she meets Megu-nee and explains to her that the girls will be fine and she is a new member of the School – Living club. After this she promptly dispatches Megu-nee and makes it to the other side of the door. She follows the mad to the medication room and finds the experimental cures. This is where it hits the fan for her, after leaving the room she is swarmed on both sides by zombies and has to retreat in to a room. That room it turns out is the same one that Taromaru was being kept in and he escapes *possible foreshadowing of another member getting bitten or maybe Yuki will have to kill him in order to accomplish her task more on that later*. In the room she realizes that she left a very similar room at the mall only to “die” in the same type of situation as before, she starts praying for someone to help her.

    Meanwhile Risan is taking care of Kurumi who is still writhing in pain for the bite Megu-nee gave her. There are a few cut scenes of past conversations between the girls and Ri-san doesn’t know if she can hold up her end of a promise they made. Kurumi asked her if she was ever bitten to not hesitate and kill her immediately. After heavy thought and debating she unsheathes the knife and raises it. After she starts crying and begging for someone  to help her.

    As if hearing the others prayers Yuki decides that she needs to do something to help. With a little help from Megu-nees voice in her head and illusions of her walking though the halls Yuki decides that she is going to the communications room to help the girls. She seems to relive the events of the night that made her want to forget everything that happened once she reaches the door Megu-nee closed to save the girls.

    This was a touching and heart pounding episode. I really enjoyed it and i can kind of see where its going now. IF they survive this I don’t think that they can stay at the school for much longer considering the roof is on fire. So i want to know where the tunnel is going to take them. Maybe its linked to other tunnels that were created in case this happened and there are other survivors. Maybe they all die *I hope not though*. Its coming down to the wire and I cant wait until the next episode let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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